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"Internal Profile" handle vs "Community Profile" handle

Hi there, bit of a vanity question here: Is it possible to “convert” an internal profile handle to a Community handle?

I thought I’d claimed @kwon as my Community Profile handle (I’d like to be able to post, share, follow etc from

But when I’m logged in and try to post, share, follow, I’m prompted to claim a Community handle - e.g., if I navigate to Settings > Community, there’s a call to action to “Claim your handle”.

If I try to enter kwon there, I’m told it’s already taken. So it looks like @kwon is my internal profile handle (if such a thing exists). How can I change my internal profile handle to my Community handle?

I’ve tried looking through these documents but it’s still not totally clear to if or how I can do this:

Any thoughts?

Is this your profile?
This is the Community profile. You may have signed in to a different account.

That was it! Didn’t realize I had already claimed it with my work email months ago. Thank you!