Interactivity/hit boxes collapsing when hiding elements


I have some issues with my buttons and interactivity collapsing when I hide elements within the same frame. It is as if the the “hit boxes” shift place and don’t align with the elements that they are tied to.

This happens when I scroll down to the bottom of the frame and hide an element. The scroll shifts jumps to the top and the clickable elements are not aligned. I have made multiple variations to figure out what the cause is in hope of finding a solution, but now I am out of ideas.

Has anyone had the same issue or have suggestions of how to solve this?

I have made an example file here

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Hey there, I was definitely able to reproduce this on my end. This looks buggy so I’ve just create a support ticket on your behalf. Your ticket number is #879099, for reference. Someone should be in touch with you soon!

I’m also constantly encountering this while constructing clickable prototype which include, for example a scrollable list of expandable accordion-items.

When you scroll the list down from the default position and collapse an accordion that has been opened, the clickable areas are misplaced in the same fashion as the original poster.

Do you have any update on how to fix this?

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Hi there,

Thanks for flagging. Our engineering team is still investigating this issue. They’ve confirmed that this is a long standing issue. I want to be transparent with you that the bug you’ve reported might not have an immediate resolution. Due to its complexity and other priorities, it could take some time before we can address it.

While I can’t promise a quick fix, please know that our engineering team is aware of the issue and will work towards finding a solution in the future.

We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter.