Interactive Variant Jumping OnHover

I was playing with interactive variants and Im getting a strange jumpiness happening. Here are whats happening:

  • Default State
  • OnClick reveals clickable options
  • (this is when the problem occurs) Each newly exposed option OnHover shows a tooltip of the action

Here’s a prototype of it Test Page

I’m not able to reproduce any jump on the menu. Did you tried restarting your prototype, or maybe there’s something I’m not seeing.

So once you expand it and hover to get the tool tips, its not shifting?

If you refer to the icon rotating? That must be related to a smart animate effect on the transition

Sorry. What Im saying is after those icons appear below, if you hover over them, there is a tooltip that appears to the left, then you’ll see the shifting Im referring to.

The width of your frame is not including the tool tips, so it’s jumping over. Change the width size of the frame to include the tooltips at every stage of the menu.

That worked! Seems a bit clunky, but that also makes sense. I kept trying to make it so it was justified or fixed to the right and jump the other way but that wasn’t working. Thank you!

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