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Interactive components with auto layout scroll bug

There appears to be a bug with interactive components when using them in conjunction with a device frame with auto layout applied. If the screen is longer than device height and the user is not at the top of the page, activating an interactive component with an interaction applied causes the screen to jitter. It snaps to the top of the page, the animation still occurs in the background, and then snaps back to the same position the user started in. Would love a fix for this as it could cause some confusion if tested with customers.


It seems to happen when the main parent frame has a flexible size/height applied with “hug contents” otherwise it’s ok.

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Just chiming into to let you know that we’re able to reproduce this bug on our end! We’ll take a look and see what we can do.

And yes, @Jaco4 is correct – if you set the parent element to “fixed height” it will resolve the issue, though I know that may not be the most ideal workaround.


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