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Interactive components glitching for people without fonts installed

Hello, this still happening.

I find it only in interactive components via variants.
I use a local font installed on my computer and once you are on the prototype view on another computer, once you trigger any hovering effect, appears a message that says “some mising fonts were replaced”.

Also installing the font on the secondary computer (the one that had not the font installed) doesn’t solve the problem.

We have to disable interactions for now, and it is a bit of a shame as the Interactive components thing is a life changer in many levels!

Please fix this :3


Same here. Hope this will be fixed soon.

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Same issue here. Going to have to switch interactive components off for now.

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yes! I have the same problem.

in interactive variants I have all fonts in Basier Circle. but when I mirroring on iphone with figma mirror. and using the interactive variants it bugging like this: (The font is replaced by other font what I dont use in my design)

And interactive variants is awesome!

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We also use only Type based Icons from Font Awesome. So we’ve disabled all interactions until this issue is properly resolved.

Perhaps when a designer adds a custom font to a file, you could just 1x prompt us with a popup, where we have to agree we have the proper rights and are responsible for any mis-use that may occur.