Interactive components: Extra window opens down, could it open up?

Hello dear Figma community!

Our team are looking for a solution to a problem we encountered while creating an interactive component. For a Dashboard window, there is a problem that one of the options, when the mouse hovers over, should show an extended variation. So far, this works, but the expanded area opens downwards, which causes the dashboard to slide out of the screen area. We want to find a way to make it open upwards instead of downwards, so that the dashboard does not change position at the bottom of the screen. So far we have not found a way to make the hover effect not happen downwards. Is there a workaround for this, besides building an extra screen for this step for each layer?
I hope I was able to explain my question properly and that it is understandable.
Thank you in advance for your answers, possible questions and help!

There’s two ways. It begins by wrapping it in an autolayout frame. Then, you either:

  1. Constrain it to the opposite side of the direction you want it to expand.
  2. Make the frame large enough for the dashboard to grow inside and align to the opposite side of the direction you want it to expand.

You can probably make this autolayout frame part of the component, or not. It’s up to you.

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