Interactive components do not preserve scroll position when nested inside other components

I found 2 similar issues that have been closed, they were both related to the beta for interactive components, my issue is with the official production release.

Essentially interactive components are not retaining scroll position when swapped, specifically when nested inside other master component instances.

For instance, I have a horizontally scrolling list of tiles that have switch toggles on them, nested within a section that also includes a heading and summary. The entire section is a component instance, the list itself is a component instance (with horizontal scrolling enabled), and the tiles within are interactive component instances. If I scroll right and swap the interactive component instance, the list snaps back to the L, but if I detach all parent component instances (the section and the list) and make them regular frames, the issue does not occur.

Happy to share examples with support, project is under NDA and cannot share publicly.

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Spoke to support and looks like this is a bug. Will update here with any additional info as it comes in.

Thanks for raising this @Dave_Rowley… We’re having the same issue here. Let me know if you hear any more from support.

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I’m also running into this. Looking forward to the Figma team resolving it!

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I’m having these issues too, is this resolved?

I just fixed this by making an instance of an item inside the interactive components and “frame selection” it. Just adjusted the size, clipped the content and added the scrolling to that frame. The scrolling was preserved and everything’s still linked to the component.

Can you share an example of this Susana? I seem to still be running into this issue.

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