Interactive Components Beta Signup →

You can re-submit the beta access request form with the new email.

Submitted my previous work about 3 weeks ago, but still no response :roll_eyes:


Thanks for your response, will drop a mail to support!

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Didn’t work. I’ve opened a new account with a different mail and submitted for the beta.
And that actually worked fast with the response :slight_smile:
Had to download the fig file and re-upload it into the new profile.

I want thaaaaaaat

Add me too pls.

I can’t wait to try it

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to access the interactive components beta.
I have filled out the request form. Because my work is in a hurry, please help me hurry up.

Thank you very much. Wish you a good day
Best regards,

Hello Guys.
I have filled the form in order to get the access of Interactive component Beta.
Where I can check the status as I have filled this form 2 days ago.

Thanks in Advance. :blush:

Is there a date, when this will be released out of beta?

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Hey there. I’ve been waiting for almost a week, and am really desperate to get this feature for a usability testing I am planned to conduct soon.
Would be a shame to have to run it on another tool.
Anyway you can speed it up?

hello ,I would like to know when I will receive the components, this is for a school project

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Is still available for sign-up? Anyone can receive these beta features?

Hey, I’m a student who is finishing graduation project. I have filled the form in order to get the access of Interactive component Beta 3 or 4 days ago. I can’t wait more because of time and deadline :pensive:
Please confirm for me as soon as possible :confused:

Hello everyone i m facing problem in beta interaction prototype, it’s not working. Plz give solutions asap.


what’s the problem beta interaction prototype?Can you describe it?

don’t worry man next 1,2 days it’s confirmed.


Hello everyone. Will this feature work with auto layout in the future when you present a prototype? Will it also load interactive components from other libraries (i.e design systems)?