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Interactive components access request

Thanks Gleb - just filled out form again. Hope this one gets through!

I’ve been waiting for interactive component access for 4 days. could you give me access to the interactive component as soon as possible, please

Hi @Josh
I’ve requested the beta for 6 days ago but received no confirmation. Is this something you could check at all? Thanks!

I’m in the experimental stage of Figma. I have already requested the option of interactive beta components via the email address associated with the account. But I haven’t received any confirmation to enable the beta interactive components.

It is possible to help me with this question. I would like to test this feature.

@Josh Got the approval for Beta Version from the Support Team. It’s very quick, I really appreciate their quick response :slight_smile:

Hi @Josh ! I know y’all are getting a lot of these. I filled out the form last week and again today, but I’d love to get on the beta train! Thanks so much.

Hey @Josh can you tell us please when will be the next round of adding users to the Beta program?
Like many others, I’m waiting for the approval for some time now.


Hey, All! @Akshat_Vijayvergiya @Charlie_Lenoir @Nadhira_Anjani @hiuyin_tang @RBX_Gaming @Fede1 @Max_Mondelli @will_pay @Cindy2 @Anh_Vuong @jamchiller @Kirill_Vishnevsky @Lincoln_Damen @Tr_n_Qu_nh @Alan_Hofman @david20 @fgnass @Adam_Klee @Che @Yuri_Edmundo @Miguel_Vieira @Joseph_Lawsky @IRIS3

I just checked everyone, and it looks like you all should already have access. Be sure to review the help article linked above on how to turn it on for your file. Thanks!


Just checked it again, and followed the article above. The “Enable interactive components” button is still grayed out. What do I do?!

Picture below:

@dvaliao thank you - it appears to be greyed out for me and I cannot switch on. The funny thing is, I’ve been able to CREATE the interactions, but I cannot view them in action. Image 2021-09-08 at 09.43.54

@Alan_Hofman Can you try refreshing or quiting and reopening Figma

@Cindy2 does refreshing or quitting and reopening Figma change anything at all?

I now got the pop up screen for the Beta. It is no longer grayed out. Thank you!

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No, i’ve tried logging out, logging back in, in incognito chrome, also in safari. I’ve even tried to sign out, quit chrome and then logging back in.

Ah sorry looks like you weren’t added. Just added though. Try refreshing now.

Hooray! Thank you so much. I actually restarted my computer and thought that did it too! I’m in!!! Legends. Can’t wait to do more with this.

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Hi @Josh, I’m having similar issues to Cindy2, have tried hard refreshes, different browsers, etc. Still greyed out! Could you double check [redacted] is added? Thanks.

Thanks for the quick response.
I got the access now :tada:

hey @dvaliao, @Josh
I refreshed, restarted my computer, log out, log in, the option is still greyed out.
Username is digit4lism, [redacted]
Thank you for your help

Hello! Could you check whether I have been added to the interactive documents or not.