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Interactive components access request

Hi, I am submitting a request for beta testing of interactive components on google docs, but the message does not come to me, and the functionality does not open. Please help me!

Hi! I’ve just fill the form to join Figma Beta to access this helpful feature. Looking forward for the granted access! :sparkles:

Looking forward to the beta features
I have been registered last week
When can I have the access, thanks a lot

I have sign up for the beta feautres, hope to get it ASAP

same here! hope to get it soon

have got the access, thank youu team @Josh @Gleb

Hey @Josh , sorry to bother you I figured it was worth a shot. I’ve requested the beta but received no confirmation. Would you be able to grant me access?

Thank you! Figma is love, figma is life.


I’ve requested the beta on last few weeks but received no confirmation.
Would you be able to grant me access?
Thanks a lot!!!

Hi @Josh, would love access to figma beta. Sent in a request from Thank you very much!

Hey @Josh, just following up - I really need interactive components for a client prototype!

Hi @Josh, just another annoying user requesting instant access to Interactive Components Beta. Thank you : )

Hoping To get my request processed soon here too, thank you so much for the efforts @Josh

Hey @Josh, please add me to the list of those waiting on approval! I’ve followed the Help page but still can’t see the Beta switch in Figma.

Hi, @Josh
Would you be so kind to review my request to interactive components beta too? Signed up in google form 3 days ago, no switch in application yet.

@Josh Please could you help add my email and request to join the Beta too. I’ve tried signing up multiple times over the past month with no luck and a pressing timeline. Would really appreciate it!

Hi @Josh
I’ve requested the beta for 6 days ago but received no confirmation. Is this something you could check at all? Thanks!

Hello @Josh can I please have access to the interactive component Beta. I never got accepted. The option is grayed out for me. Thanks!


Hey @Josh, could you please activate it on my account?
thank you so much!

To get access to the interactive components beta, fill out the form and wait for at least 3 business days. The wait could be longer if there are many requests.

After receiving the email that says you were added to the beta, you can go ahead and turn on interactive components beta in the file.

If you haven’t received the reply in a week, I’d recommend filling out the form again. It seems like sometimes requests get lost. Since this is a beta, it’s not stable and I won’t rely on it for critical projects.

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Hi @Josh, my prototype is getting super messy and interactive components would be such a relief. I hope I can be part of the next batch of beta testers. :crossed_fingers:

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