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Interactive components access request

Hi everyone…

Really !!! people witing for a month !!!

I did it 4 times one week ago… nothing in inbox… :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

Hello, I requested access last week to interactive components beta using and haven’t received access yet? Any status? Thanks!

I Requested access to Interactive Components Beta 2 times so far and I still got no response. How will I know when I get access?

Why do I even have to send requests for interactive components??? Shouldn’t that be included in Figma when I have paid plan???

Hello, I registered as a beta tester for the variant interactions, can someone please add me to the beta?
Thanks very much!

@darren Hi Darren, I requested access to the beta last week but haven’t heard anything yet, is this something you could check at all? Thanks!

Hello! @darren I registered yesterday but I hadn’t receive any email. Please, can you help me?

Please add me to the beta, I sent the request for Interactive component access, but I still don’t get to be approved

@darren I’m also waiting for the access email! How long it will take? I sent the form for a week ago… :joy: We really need this beta version for our project!

Hi, hope you are good!! :blush:
I’ve submitted a request to the google form a couple of times and still have no email respond. I am new to a project that is already using them and I am lost without access :sob:
Thank you very much for your help. :love_letter:

Hi, I am submitting a request for beta testing of interactive components on google docs, but the message does not come to me, and the functionality does not open. Please help me!

Привет, я оставляю заявку на бета тестирование интерактивных компонентов на google docs но сообщение мне не приходит, и функционал не открывается. Прошу помочь мне!

I requested access to my enterprise account and I have no clue how you handle requests to enterprise accounts. Do admin’s block these? My request was submitted with my own email for my account and I’m not an admin, but I need this access to the beta.

Hello @darren

I have also been waiting for access for a week now. May I please be given access as soon as possible too? Thank you :slight_smile:

Just checked on the status and everyone in this thread should have access. Please make sure to go through our help article on how to turn it on for your file. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Already in! thank you very much!!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Hi, I am waiting for access too. I had requested access quite some time ago but never got a reply either and I really need this for prototyping.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have applied for the access to the beta and was wondering on average how long it takes? Also if their is anyway to expedite the process.

Jumping in - hoping to get access before the weekend. Thx! @Josh

@Daniel_Gingell @Live_Lock @Ken_Martin Just checked and it looks like you all should already have access. Be sure to review the help article linked above on how to turn it on for your file. Thanks!

I have registered for the beta program yesterday, how much time it’ll take me to enroll in the beta program?