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Interactive components access request

Signed up few days ago but haven’t received the confirmation email yet.
Would it be possible to have an update?


I have requested access to the interactive components beta for my account around 5 days ago, and I have not received the confirmation email yet… Please, I am waiting for this confirmation so I can continue prototyping with Figma for a university class project!

Thanks very much!

Hi there. Requested access to this beta last week on Friday ( crucial to evaluate if I can stick to figma or need to use other software for prototyping ).

I requested it whit my personal account and also company account for the whole design team. We are just wondering how long does it take to switch it on.
Days? Weeks? More?


Hi, I am waiting the email to access Interactive Components Beta… one week has passed. Could you please check? thanks

Hey there, I tried to get access with my email and sente several requests but I haven’t been added yet! :frowning:

hi @darren hello good morning hereby I would like to request access to the interactive components thank you very much

Hello @darren I have submitted my request 3 times and still haven’t received it, can you help me?

Hi there, I had the interactive components beta activated. When I changed the email address in Figma the beta now shows a checkmarked box in the prototype settings, but it is grayed out and the “change to” feature does not show. I have sent request about one week ago, but have yet to see any email sent over this time. Thanks in advance for your help. I really appreciate it.

Hi @darren, I am very excited about the interactive component function. Last week i signed up for the Beta version, but i never received any mail :slightly_frowning_face: ? Can you help me with it?

@darren Hello! I too am waiting on access to the beta, requested last week. It will be game changing for a project I am currently working on. Do you know how long it might take to receive the welcome email?
Thank you!

Hi Darren
I have been waiting for access for a week now. can you help me ?

I’ve had access to the Interactive components for a while but after changing my email it doesn’t work anymore. Is the beta access tied to the email address and not the profile?

@darren Could I also get access to the beta as well? I have sent my request a while ago, and still no follow up e-mail.


@darren Hi I have sent my request a week ago as well, haven’t received any email so far. Currently working on a project would need the beta asap, please help! :slight_smile:

Hi, I am eagerly awaiting the interactive component access since last week. Request you to please grant me access for the same soon. Really want to learn to use the new feature.

Hello @darren,

I have submitted my request 2 weeks ago but I don’t received the access email. Can you help me?

Hello. Its gone already one week till I asked the access to Interactive components. And still no answer. Please check from yourside.

Hello. I really need an access to this feature. Is it possible to accept my request faster?

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Hi, I also requested interactive components beta a week ago. But I didn’t get email.Could you please help me to access it as soon as possible? Thank you so much!

It’s been a week since I requested access to the beta version, but I haven’t received it yet. please ask if you can help me and release access in any way, in this same email.

-Alisson, Brazil