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Interactive components access request

Hello everyone, today I received a file with training on interactive components, I can use them on examples in this file, but interactive components are not available in my projects, I requested access 5 days ago. I never received a letter. What should I do ?

Hello @darren

I have also been waiting for access for a week now. May I please be given access as soon as possible too? Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @darren,

Just following up on Beta access aswell, I submitted a request a couple of days ago. I’m working on prototyping a project at the moment that would greatly benefit from this feature, happy to actively give feedback on the experience whenever needed.


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I have requested access to the interactive components beta for my account a week ago, and I have not received the confirmation email yet… Please, I am waiting for this confirmation so I can continue prototyping with Figma for a university class project!

Thanks very much!


Hi @darren.
Could you add me to part of the beta.
Thank you!


I requested access to the interactive components beta about a month ago and never received any updates. Is this something you can help me with?

Best regards,


Hi @darren! I sent a request 3 days ago but still haven’t received a response. Please help.


It was a weekend, the expected time for beta invite is at least 3 work days.

Hi, I was in the beta but all new files that I create I can’t set the checkbox for the interactive components. I changed the email address but even after asking for a new invite it doesn’t work.

Do you know when the beta will be no beta anymore? I think everyone really wants and needs the feature :wink:


I have requested access to the interactive components beta for my account over a week ago, and I have not received the confirmation email yet… :frowning: how long does it normally takes?

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Hey Darren, Can I request for the access to the interactive component? let me know what do I’veto do. Thanks!

hi @darren hello good morning hereby I would like to request access to the interactive components thank you very much

Hi there. Is there any possibility someone could help me in giving me an access to the beta. I applied 3 days ago and applied again today.
I need the access in order to have the ‘change to’ option. Trying to create a drop down prototype and cant do it without this option. Please help!
Thanks Dani

Same issue here. Can you please give me access to the Interactive Components Beta.




Can someone also add me to the beta? Really need to optimize my component variant interactions with the beta. Thanks.


Can I have an access to interactive components beta, i request it many time, yet no response, Please someone help me to give access on that. Thank you


I’ve submitted a request to the google form for a week, I still have no email respond.
I am very excited for this feature to be used for my projects.

@darren please help checking my beta request.

Stay safe and Have a great day.


Edit: Just accepted!

Hey @darren
I filled the beta interactive component access request form 3 times. How long do I have to wait for the confirmation mail? Please, can you approve me too?

Please, can you give me access to beta to do interactive components?? thank youu