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Interactive component jumps if it is fixed in a frame

See my prototype:


I’ve noticed this as well.

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Hey guys, +1 here, but there is a fix to that!

This happens if layers in variant 1 and variant 2 are differently named.

I had two variants of the same picture incased in components - I’ve was transitioning one into another with smart animate. Instead of getting smooth animation it was flickery - however, once I insured that both pictures had the same name, it worked!

Not sure if this is a bug or an unintentional UX flaw, but it is definitely worth looking at.

Love interactive components <3

This is a completely different bug, I am not using pictures in this case.

Do your layers match in names?

Yes :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m experiencing this issue as well when setting animation type to “Smart Animate”, other animations work fine.