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Interactive component access request

Just a reminder to everyone here, that it may take 3-5 business days to get access. Our team is adding people in small batches each week. If you signed up via the form and it’s been more than a week, please feel free to reach out here. Thanks!

Hi Josh - Denise said I should have access now, but I don’t even see the “Interactive components beta” option under Prototype settings at all. I’ve tried creating a new file, tried in desktop, other browsers, but I never see that option. Is there something else I should be doing? I was following steps here, too, and do not see what this user sees. Thanks for any help.

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Hey @Josh @dvaliao,

You said I’ve been added to the Beta, but I don’t see the Beta enable box at all in the Prototype panel. I select the component with variants, but don’t see it still.
I’ve tried:

  • reloading
  • signing out and in
  • restarting computer
  • checking out in the web interface - don’t see it anywhere.

Could you, please, take a look?

Same problem here

Oh, another obvious thing - my Figma is up to date

Hey @jamchiller @david20 @Sergey11 @Adam_Klee @Kirill_Vishnevsky - sorry about that. Try refreshing again and you should be all set.

If anyone is still having trouble or waiting to be added, the team will be moving another batch of people soon. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Thanks Denise!

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Hi! I don’t think I’ve been added yet, nor can I find the interactive beta actually activated in my file that I’m using. I’ve closed Figma and refreshed paged as well.

Hello. How can I get the access to the interactive components? I sent two emails, but did not get any response:(

Thank you in advance

Hey, folks! I got my Interactive Components finally enabled by deleting Figma app and installing it again (even though Figma said it was up to date). Cheers!

Macbook Air M1 2020, MacOS BigSur 11.1

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Hi I’ve filled in the form for interactive components 3 times, but haven’t received an email on adding it to my account.

Hi @Anh_Vuong @Stanislav_Fatieiev and @Deepika2, thanks for your patience!

You should have access now. Please review the help article on how to turn it on for your file here.

Hi, I’ve filled in the form for interactive components 2 times, I still haven’t received an email to get that access… Can you guys help me? I really need that feature! I’ll appreciate it

@Josh @dvaliao I know it takes 3-5 business days but can you pls add me as soon as possible pls pls pls. I was working on some project when I came to know about this feature. This feature will realy help me. Although I know today is 3rd or 4th day since I filled the form. But can you pls add me.
Thank you so so much in advance.


I’ve submitted a request to the google form, I still have no email response.
I am very needed for this feature to be used for my projects.

@darren please help to check my beta request.

Stay safe,


Hi @Wildan_Ghifari @ARYAN_MITTAL and @Robert_Huang, thanks for your patience!

You should have access now. Please review the help article above on how to turn it on for your file.

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Hi there!
My colleague reached out to you via Twitter (@derlukasg) because I signed up for the Beta Version of the Interactive Components in Figma, since we’re working on a project together.

However, I unfortunately haven’t gotten access to it so far while it worked for my other colleagues. I tried with both my working and private Figma Accounts, a few weeks ago and also again yesterday.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @Nina_Huber,

I just confirmed that you now have access! Here’s a help article to show you how to turn it on for your file.

Hi @dvaliao I’m working on a file with interactions based on interactive component and realise eventually that the prototype is not working because I have not access to the beta yet. I sent a request through the google form and trying here as well as it is a bit urgent :wink: Thanks for your help !