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Interactions set in design system not working in actual project prototype

I hooked up hover states for buttons in my design system using the variants. After publishing the change, I later tried to bring the button asset into my existing project, and the hover state did not work once I hit play. I checked the settings in the prototype tab and everything seems to be hooked it up properly; it recognizes that there was a hover state on the component, and that it should “change to” the selected settings.

However, I found that removing everything else in the frame allowed the hover state to function, even though I had previously ensured the button was on top. I slowly started adding things back in, and it seems that if certain other interactions are also in the frame, even if they aren’t near each other, the button will stop working. Click functions on other components don’t seem to affect it, but mouseover and hover states sometimes do, sometimes don’t. It’s a bit inconsistent. I attached a video example.

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