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Interactions not working when using interactive components in other components

Just starting to work with the Beta and tried to update sone of our variants to use this feature.
Everything is working fine, but when I try to “package” multiple components into other components, the interactivity seems to break. I see one example in the playground file where it seems to work (“Nesting interactive components”). I am wondering if my file is somehow setup wrong or am I missing something.

In the example file I have a simple breadcrumb component, with Default / Hover and Active states. When I use two instances and combine them into an Auto-Frame, they both work and the states gets switched. When I try to make that Auto-Frame into a component, it does not seem to work anymore. Am I missing something?

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Hi, I had the same problem and found out that it has to do with the main component.

Your “Component group” that doesn’t work is a main component. Try making an instance of it and it should work.

See my test file for reference: Figma

Yes, figured this on out as well. Makes sense if you think about it :slight_smile: