Instead of updating all instances, 1) I want to detach all instances 2) or, take back the update 3) or, just skip it for existing components

From time to time, due to human error, an instance of a component in a team library will destroy old components. As in this example: i have 584 instances of the “Input | Text instance” – but all of their label and value will be overridden due to this update. Hence, I don’t want to update them. I’d rather
A) Skip the update for existing components
B) detatch all existing components
it would be really helpful with this feature – so that i don’t have to keep this update “waiting” for me, nor by mistake update and overwrite all 584 instances.
also, i don’t have time to detatch 584 instances one by one :sweat_smile:

what could also solve this problem is the opportunity for us to “take back” an update of a component – but we can’t do that today.

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This is really cool. I’d love to see something like that being implemented. Another idea is to have an ability to skip the update. I understand that the idea behind updates is to prevent the component designs to fall behind. As you mentioned in your example, sometimes the change is not about the design but rather improvement to the component. If an update like that clears the contents of your current designs it doesn’t really make sense to update. The new components can be used in new designs but all designs should stay unchanged.

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