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Instances Overlays got "broken"

  1. Ok so while interactive components are still in beta I use overlays to manage with how buttons change their appearance on click\hower etc, so my issue is that only Main Component preserve its Manually set Overlay, while if you’ll duplicate it you’ll have to adjust the Overlay manually again! Not very convenient. It was kinda ok to do it the first time and forget, but couple of days ago its just dropped it and all Instances Overlays have moved to default and now the only thing that left is to align them “by hand” method again.


  3. First I thought maybe it’s just a browser bug or maybe its me inaccurately moved it while being in Prototyping mode but then I’ve figured that you have to like close up in each instance Interaction Details tab to even see those overlays, so that excludes my fault.

Thanks in advance for looking into this!
Have a nice weekend everyone!

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