Instance swapping & Text swapping not working in interactive component

Hey there!

Super grateful for all the new features - but hoping someone has a workaround for this.

I created a card with a default and expanded state. Included in the component is my button component, which has an instance property and text property. I need the button icon to change from up to down, and the text to change from “more” to “less”.

It’s not working when viewing the prototype. The button remains the same in both default/expanded view.

The default/expanded variants:

Is this user error or is this a legitimate bug?

Thanks in advance!

Actual expanded view when playing the prototype:

Check the structure and naming of the layers in your variants.

@tank666 Thanks for the thought! Here’s the current structure/naming.

What recommendations would you make here?

Does text redefinition work when changing a variant in the editor?

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