Instance keeps resetting or reverting back to main component's contents

Hey folks,

I’m having trouble pinpointing what is exactly causing the instances’ contents reverting or resetting back to the main component’s content. It seems to only specifically be our input fields that are causing the issue. All other components in our DS library seems to work fine.

So just provide examples and context. Here is the main component that comes from our DS library:

And here is how we are using the component within our flows. We override the text and icons within the instance here:

But then some time afterwards…if I or anyone on my team publishes any new changes in the DS library (doesn’t matter what component we update), the input fields’ instances reset back to the main component’s placeholder contents.

Here is when it resets itself after we published a change in our DS library:

And this happens not everytime we publish the library, sometimes the content stays…sometimes it will revert. It’s becoming frustrating and makes me hestitant to update our DS library now, especially a lot of our flows use the input field components. Really puts a wrench on a deliverables, especially when it reverts last minute.

Would love to find a solution :slight_smile:

Hi there - the only thing I’ve found to work is to use a .base structure when building components with variants. Search for the “Mighty Fine Variants” tutorial by Ridd in the Figma Community for details.

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