Instance color detaches and changes

When I drag a component instance into the file, one of its elements changes to a different color. The instance consists of a grey circle, and another instance of an icon, to make a familiar (un)mute button. The speaker icon is originally white, and the color has not been changed in the unmute button component either. Yet when I drag it into the file, it detaches and changes to black color.
This is not happening in any other file using the enabled library.

I’m also attaching a GIF that can hopefully help solve this stupidly small but annoying issue.
Anyone have any ideas? (4)

I’ve experimented with this further to see if moving everything to a fresh file would help.
It didn’t when I went Select All and copied all art boards and frames to a new file.
But when I copied groups of layers one by one, constantly checking to see which one will break the instance import, it never happened.

I also thought it might be because of Auto Flow plugin, but it’s not. It’s been used in both old and new file.

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