Instance color changes (same layer name)


I remade some of my components and updated with variables where I could. One Button however somehow broke. I have several buttons states (amongst others default & active) and an instance swap property to change icons. So far the icon (of which I named the layer the same) always kept the color e.g. in active state (pink). Now for some reason the color changes back to the icon color (black).

Any suggestions why?

So that you don’t get confused: tile one is in “Default”, tile two in “Active”, tile 3 in “Active” (but icons swaps back). Disregard what the tag says, please.

Hey @Stephan3, thank you for reaching out! Are you able to share a copy of your file with me?

Hello. I think I resolved it. I don’t think I can replicate it but I believe that some layer was not correctly named. Thank you

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