Instance and Property Overrides for Second-Level Nested Components?

Hey everyone,

I’m super excited to have component properties surfaced at the instance level but I’ve come across a big limitation.

I was expecting that the parent component would be able to surface properties of 2-nd level (and deeper) nested components, unfortunately, it seems Figma’s current implementation allows only for 1-st level nested components to be surfaced.

Here’s an example:
button-component that is parent to a leading and trailing composite-icon-component, and a label

  • composite-icon-component that is child to button-component and a parent of icon-swap-component (the composite-icon-component is used to swap stroke and size variants that apply to all icons of icon-swap-component)
  • icon-swap-component is child to icon-swap-component, and is used to swap between all the icons

Making the icon-swap-component an Instance Swap on composite-icon-component works, but I can’t get it to propagate upwards to button-component.

Making these available to all parents, no matter the depth will be awesome!

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