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Installed plugin disappearing from menu

I have the ProtoPie plugin installed, and it keeps disappearing from the plugin menu

  • Mac, on 11.3.1

  • Problem appears on both desktop app (97.7) and browser (via Chrome 90.0.4430.93) versions of Figma

  • Only the ProtoPie plugin disappears, all others remain

  • Plugin doesn’t show up in “plugins” dropdown menu (desktop), or right-click menus (desktop + browser). Plugin isn’t listed in “manage plugins” window. However, when I go to the ProtoPie plugin on the Community / Plugins page, it says I have it installed.

  • Some combination of uninstalling / reinstalling the plugin, quitting / restarting Figma gets it back for a while before mysteriously disappearing again

  • I haven’t noticed it disappearing while running Figma, only noticed it wasn’t there when starting the desktop version of the app.

I’ve seen people talking about similar issues online, but it affects their entire list of plugins, not just a specific one.

Has anyone else run into this (either with the ProtoPie plugin, or with any other lone plugin)?

Fredo from ProtoPIe. I’d love to know the answer/solution to this as well. Some others have reported the same thing but it seems to be an issue on Figma’s end, I suppose.

Hi Homer, Thanks for flagging this! I think you’re most likely running into this issue because you belong to an Organization that has a plugin approve list which only allows members of that Organization to install and use plugins approved by Organization admins.

We recently learned about an issue where members of Organizations that use a plugin allow list are still allowed to install unapproved plugins. As expected the plugins still fail to execute, but the apparent ability to install them is quite confusing.

We’re working on building out a notification to make it clearer that this is why you are unable to access those plugins, and in the meantime we suggest reaching out to an Organization admin who can share with you which plugins are approved and expected to execute normally.

If you’re not part of an Organization but still seeing this issue, can you contact the Support Team using the ‘?’ at bottom right to ‘Get Help’ and make a bug report? Thanks for your help here.

Ah, interesting.

Then the bug would be the ability to run/use an unapproved plugin for a while before it disappears.

Thanks for the info, Katie!

Thanks Katie! I’m experiencing this as well :confused: