Insert an agent when there are feedback panes

For my project I want to mock a dashboard made in tableau on figma. However, I think it is not possible for the user to change the data on figma. What I mean is that participants would have to insert some parameters (e.g., age range, gender, etc…) and the dashboard would give back a table of results.

From what I understood, in tableau instead this would be possible. However, what I need to do for my project is to insert an agent when there are feedback panes. For example, instead of the loading wheel when the dashboard is producing the results (:arrows_counterclockwise:) I would like to have an avatar saying something to the participants (:woman_health_worker:t2:”sorry is going to take a little while).

However, apparently this is not possible to do in tableau, while it would be easier to mock up in figma. Do you know a way to combine these two functionalities?