Inputs blocked to enter text, just let's you slide numbers

Issue: When creating prototypes with Delay trigger, the time input is blocked for entering text manually and only lets you slide through the number.

Can’t select the text in the input, the cursor stays in the double arrow for sliding and funny thing, it gets fixed when I try to record the issue. Screen captures won’t work since it is a mouse interaction.

This seems to be a bug in Figma after the last update and it’s become a pain for certain interactions I’m working on. Is anyone having the same issue? is there any way to report this as an actual bug?

Works for me. Could be a bug.

What system are you using? Windows/Mac/Linux/other?
Are you using a browser or the Figma app?
If using a browser, which one?

You can report bugs by clicking on the ? in the lower right corner inside figma. Then you’ll answer with “Get in touch” to the bot and after that answer with “Leave a message”. Then you’ll get this screen and just go from there.

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