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Inputs as variables inside property value?

I want to have a way to set different values (like color) through property values. By adding an input field that lets you set variables, you’re making this possible. There won’t be any need for billions of components for any color you can think of. You could also make variables set to text (good for pseudo usernames!)

This is a quick mockup I made showing how this could work, maybe add a color picker?

What do you think? Would this help you? I know it would help me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Dennis1 , by using components with variants, you can easily achieve this right now in Figma. If you prefer, there are also multiple plugins to achieve a similar goal such as Color Theme Manager and Themer.

I hope this helps!

I know variats are a thing :stuck_out_tongue:
But sometimes I want variable colors and stuff, something like Unity, where you can just drag (e.g) an icon onto the input box and itll use that

I wouldn’t really want to create a new component for each possible combination :sweat_smile: