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Inputs are triggering LastPass extension

Using width input element triggers LastPass pop-up. (image)
The input tag has autocomplete="new-password" not sure if you’re using it as some hack…

** Not sure if it’s the right category, only one that made sense when searching “bug”

This is not Figma and / or plugins’ bug. You need to report the bug to the developer of this browser extension.

You can also look at the settings of this application, maybe in them it will be possible to disable this extension for the website. Alternatively, you can temporarily disable this extension in your browser settings.

Sure I can disable the extension and inconvenience myself to use Figma, but % of people will just not be bothered and turn away instead of converting to use the product.

Password managers are not a new thing.
Lastpass Chrome alone has 10mil + users, discounting firefox and or other browsers.
From a UX perspective it’s definitely a pain point for a conversion.

Having inputs incorrectly defined which can cause inconvenience for millions+ users is definitely a bug.

I just checked and this input is indeed defined with autocomplete="new-password" which is definitely a bug. However, this forum is not made for reporting bugs. Bugs should be reported directly to Figma support team via the bug report form.