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Indie Creator Challenge /// Forum Thread

(This is the official forum thread for the Indie Creator Challenge)

Hi and welcome to the Forum ICC thread :wave:

The Indie Creator Challenge (ICC) is a community run competition that releases every Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. EST.
Winner gets kudos and a cookie :cookie: We’re also currently working on a shoutout-system for the winner(s), so when that
releases, we will be sure to let the community know!

The FoF community slack, which can be found at, is our primary source of communication.
Once you have joined, head on over to the #indie-creator-challenge channel to receive updates and meet the competitors!

Our judges change from time to time. All of our community judges are highly qualified and will score based on
creativity and originality. You can find the list of current judges in our community Slack. They will also be listed below

@Crista (Slack)

We are a fun, figma-wide community competiton. We like outside of the box ideas!
Once you join our channel, more info will be provided!

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