Indication in the asset panel that a component is a variable component

Currently there are no way to see if a component contains variants in the asset pannel.

It would be great with some visual que indicating that a component contains variant. Our current solution is to add it in the component description.

Maybe something like this?

Anybody have other work arounds to this problem?

To add a bit of context :bulb:

I am currently working on a design system with a component library meant to be used by other designers. We have a lot of components so we use pages and frames to create a good hierarchy in the asset panel - making it easy for other designers to find the right components.

The reason we create frames to group similar components instead of just using variable components, is to get all the different components visualised in the asset panel. The design system is still immature and a loot of components are yet to be implemented, making it important for the designer to get a simple overview of what we have and what we dont.

But, and here is the twist, we sometimes want to create variable components ether way. E.g: buttons, form fields, ect. Currently we lack a good way to signal to other designers through the asset panel that a component contains variables. It just looks like a good old regular component.

It would be great with just a dot or something indicating that it is a variant. A larger idea, and a loot more demaning one, would be to have the possibility to hover over a component in the asset panel and see the different properties available for that variable component :weight_lifting_woman:

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