Indicate which screens should be used for specs?

Surely there’s a clever way to do this. One issue I have is that the product and engineering folks have access to all the screens in my Figma file. When it comes time to hand off the specs, there may be multiple versions of a screen - where I tried something a little different, and neglected to move it to a different page so that it’s not mixed in with the “final” screens (also…as we know…when is the screen really final?). Even though I may initially direct a dev to a particular frame, they inevitably poke around and see other things, and I’ll get questions because they’ll notice a difference. With Zeplin, I only shared the screens from my Sketch file that I wanted anyone else to see, but with Figma anyone with access to free to poke around and see stuff that’s not ready, or get confused about what they should be looking for. Yes, better file organization and naming will help…but is there a way to select a frame and set some kind of flag/status that is always visible that messages, “GET YOUR SPECS HERE” or “THIS IS ME GOOFING AROUND…IGNORE THIS”. As an aside, there are times I wish I could share only particular screens, without having to move screens to other pages so they’re not as visible. Perhaps we need a “SHARED” ver “PRIVATE” view, that just toggles frame visibility on/off between those flags (even if technically anyone can view either.

We move our handoff frames to specific pages in the document at the top of the page list and we name those pages HANDOFF in all caps. Then we have an empty page named ---- to act as a spacer to separate these pages from the messy exploratory work bellow.

Hope this strategy will help.

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