Incorrect resizing of elements with Absolute position

I absolutely understand that Absolute Position is the new feature + I try to build something very complex as I often do, but still…

When I place elements with absolute position on top of the fixed aspect-ratio frame the next happens:

  1. Main component works as expected — the cover’s parent frame keeps its aspect ratio because it hugs the nested fixed-aspect-ratio component, the nested thumbnail instance with absolute position also keeps its aspect ratio because its constraints (scale horizontally and scale vertically).
  2. Instances work incorrectly — while the cover’s keeps its aspect ratio the nested thumbnail instance scales horizontally but its height remains fixed.
    Note: for now this can be solved if the nested thumbnail instance is detached and all its frames and groups are removed.

Please see the video (I can’t upload video here).

The source file also.

P.S.: Sorry for incorrect category — I don’t see the Figma Bugs here.

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