Incoherent Notifications in Library Updates - Feature request

Hi everyone!
I am facing an annoying issue in Figma…
I have two teams in Figma with different libraries in each one, and when I am working on a team I receive notifications about assets updates from the other team when I have enabled its use in this team!
I could not understand why this was happening because I did tried all advanced settings for libraries and teams available.
In the end, I reported it to Figma’s support team and they told me this was an expected behavior and that they will make a feature request to product team for its implementation. Of course that does not mean they will take it into account… We just have to wait to know if they decide its important or not.
I am flagging this point because that can be a huge problem specially when working with different versions of designs, those notifications, can mess up all work…
Is this also happening to anyone?

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