Include Section Title in the preview of a Section Link

LOVE the feature of “Sections”, where we can turn visibility on/off, and easily link to a specific Section.

+1 idea to the Section feature: when you share a “Section link” somewhere (e.g. Slack), the title of the Section is included in the preview info.

I realize that OG Sharing (title/desc) info needs to come from the server side, and this may be a bigger Figma backend overhaul for showing the Section Title when sharing a Section link to other destinations (SMS, WhatsApp, etc). At our company, we achieved this by having rewrite rules which would process our SPA URL, and return back the appropriate OG Sharing Title/Desc.

Hence, perhaps this suggestion is more for the Figma Slack app pulling in the Section Title info, before it creates the preview in Slack for the “Section” link shared. This would a smaller scope, easily achievable, and very useful.

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