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In prototype mode, how to access ALL the flows of the file

I have page 1 and page 2, which both contain one flow starting point.

If I press PLAY while I’m in page 1, the prototype mode only gives me access to the flow of page 1.

That’s a pity because when I simulate, I often need to quickly go from flow to flow, regardless of the page they are defined on. Pages are useful when editing, but not always relevant when simulating.

Is there a way to see all the flows of the file at the same time?

This becomes even more relevant when I need to share all the flows of the file to someone. At the moment I need to share as many links as I have pages.

Anyone has an idea?

The flows feature was introduced specifically to enable you to share multiple prototypes by putting them on the same page. There is no way to share prototypes from different pages. You can vote for this suggestion here: Multiple Prototypes per Page

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