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In prototype have the capacity to interact with the state of a component

In many cases I want to be able to run a scenario but also have impact on the state of the elements.

the dynamism at the component level is in conflict with the interactions of the main prototype

Hey there,
Niko from Figma here. I don’t fully understand your use case. Could you maybe add a screenshot/example that allows me to understand it?

Thank you!

Look at the dropdown.

  • One is a component with the different states. Is uses a component for all different states. When used in prototypes it makes it impossible to change the text. It is also not possible to close the menu on click on a line and change the state of the initial field.

  • So I used the same field component (same states) and do a trigger in overlay of the menu. The action of the prototype are preventing the action done of the component itself.

Example dropdown component:

Exemple Action menu

Example menu item

Thanks these are helpful! Unfortunately these cases where (a) either something has to react to something in a different component or (b) change the value based on a flexible selection won’t work for now.

I also don’t know of a good workaround atm, sorry! :confused: