In community page, not able to switch accounts

Even if I click log out and try clicking log in, the page is logging in to an account which I have already signed in the web. But I have another account and when I wanted to sign in the forum.Figma using that account, I am not able to do that. I am not sure am I the only person facing this issue.

Hey @RUDRA_RAJEENDRAN1 – if I understand you correctly, you have two Figma accounts, and you want to sign into the forum using one of your accounts, but it keeps defaulting to the other account you have.

To start, forum accounts are tied to your Figma accounts.

You can only log into the forum using the active account you currently have set up in Figma. So if you’re currently in account A in Figma, you will only be able to access the forum via account A. You can’t toggle between Figma/forum accounts in the forum directly.

If you want to access the forum using a specific account, you have to make sure it’s set as the primary one in Figma.

Let me know if I misunderstood.