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In-browser Figma Repeatedly Crashing [Figma Crash]

Lately I’ve noticed that my Figma tab on Chrome (latest version) repeatedly crashes, leaving me on the “Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage.” screen.

Usually it’s very fast, within about 30 seconds of refreshing the tab, and obviously makes any sort of consistent use of Figma entirely impossible. My coworkers do not seem to have this problem.

I’m on a 2019 MacBook Pro with 16 gigs of RAM and a 2.6 GHz i7 processor. I have run through the recommended settings for Chrome and they’re a match to what I have configured.

This is only somewhat recent of a problem, within the past week or so, and does seem to be getting progressively worse. Would love to get this figured out, CMD + R is starting to wear out on my keyboard!


I have the EXACT same issue. Very frustrating - have you found a solution?


Yeah, I just installed the desktop version. Far from ideal, since now I have to wait a couple extra seconds for each link to redirect to the app, but it doesn’t crash so :man_shrugging:t2:

I ended up realizing the file I was working on was too big and I made a new file and the issue resolved!

yeah, still same have a problem (white screen and sometimes the show the text like this “figma a problem repeatedly occurred solve”. I’m very depression figma team not give a problem solve :man_facepalming:t2:

same problem here, i thought it was my browser, i have been frustrated

I’m guessing this hasn’t been resolved??? I’ve made the file so light and still getting the ‘web page crashed’ error!

Hey everyone, if your running into crashes, please reach out directly to our support team here:
Be sure to include as much detail as possible (device, OS, file links, etc.) and submit using your email associated with your Figma account.