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Improved Type Details panel

I work with text a lot and can’t see easy way to access options in Type details panel.

  1. Every time i need access options in Type details panel i need to click on three dots in Text panel. Would be nice to access this options with shortcut when text object selected? (customisable shortcuts is another topic…)

  2. If click elsewhere, outside selected text object, panel disappears.
    It could stay till user choose to close them.

  3. You can’t drag Type details panel taller, even vertical space in window is more than enough. Panel is fixed size and you must use annoying scroll to access options at bottom.

Maybe theres workarounds or something?

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It’s a FRUSTRATION to drag the mouse to the right panel and click on 4 dots.

Please create a shortcut to open the text styles or give ability to create custom shorts for few things manually.

Do you guys also think we need the shortcut ? Please share your opinion or any workarounds