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Improved Admin Experience for Inviting Users when leveraging Domain Capture / SSO

When leveraging Domain Capture / SSO for enterprise organizations, it is impossible to have a service account or admin who can invite users to any project or team. This can be a frustration for a larger organization as it prevents our support desk from seamlessly providing users access. I propose that admins have more flexbility in their ability to invite users when Domain Capture / SSO is on. This would include the ability to do the following:

  1. Send an invite to a user via email that allows admins to select what type of access (edit / viewer)
  2. Add users to any teams or projects, regardless if the team is hidden, joinable by request or joinable by anyone.

Does anyone else experience this issue when trying to administer new licenses to users? It has always been a hassle for our team because our service account and support desk our not active users of Figma, so they do not have access to any of the teams that exist. The service account is strictly used for answering questions.