Improve wording for Organisation Join request emails

I’m an admin for my Figma Organisation and partly responsible for approving requests for external people to join specific files.

When someone is invited to a file, or requests to join a file, the wording of the email is pretty confusing.

EMAIL_ADDRESS would like to be added to the XXX organization
They were invited to view FILE NAME by Kornacker, ORGANISATION MEMBER and need to be added to the organization to access the file.

Then you get a notification in Figma:

EMAIL_ADDRESS would like to join XXX

And when you click the link in the email, you get this description:

EMAIL_ADDRESS would like to join the XXX organization. MEMBER has invited them to view FILENAME, but they can only access the file if you add them.

I want to make sure that the requesting external party can only access the specific file that they have been invited to, not the rest of the files in my organisation. But every time this sort of request comes through, I lose confidence in what I’m approving.

Can I ask that the wording for this be improved / aligned?

Hey Harry - I went ahead and converted your topic to “share feedback” since you included a lot of detailed feedback on how you’d like file alert sharing to be improved. I don’t have any recommendations at the moment, but this should allow others to +1 or add more feedback similar to yours.