Improve the Agency / Client sharing & feedback experience

I often feel like Figma’s focus is on in-house teams that all know each other and can educate their way past issues internally. When it comes to agencies seeking feedback from external clients who are almost always totally new to Figma - I feel like there are some adjustments that could really elevate this experience.

(As a recent convert from XD - this is the one MAJOR area where it has Figma beat.)

Suggestions which would dramatically improve this experience:

  • Commenting without a login Currently - clients need to create a login Why?! . Surely a secure URL that allows comments from anyone would be fine? This causes a large amount of friction for our project managers. XD has this - please implement it.

  • Showing the name of the current frame on the prototype view header. Ideally, with a dropdown (or a modal grid menu, see next point) to switch to other frames.

  • A quick, easy grid view of pages accessible from the prototype view for clients to switch between on the fly. The editor is more detail than they need to see and the flow of prototype > editor > click new frame name > prototype is slow and unintuitive.

  • Option to hide pages in the editor Currently clients can see all the work in progress pages etc, hiding these in our links would be great.

  • Option to freeze the state of the prototype or editor view they see. We may need to work on a file whilst a client is offering feedback, and if we break/change anything in that time - they will see all of that in real time. We want feedback on what we sent them - not whatever state the file is in when they login. I feel like this could work via saved versions in the version history?

Generally, Figma is excellent - and the pace of updates surpasses XD. The editing experience as a designer is great - but as a client of an agency - totally new to it, it’s currently quite bare bones.

I know many of these are linked as separate additions, but I feel they all add up to solve a bigger combined issue with Figma.

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