Improve scrolling in Edit Variant Properties flyout

The experience for changing the order of property variant values for a property via drag and drop in the Edit Variant Properties flyout is poor when there are many values for a variant property because:

  1. The list does not autoscroll when I drag a property value up or down;
  2. The Flyover is very limited in height, even if I’m on a 4k display.

This means that for very long lists of properties when moving a property from the bottom of the list to a position near the top I have to drag a property up by three positions in the list, release, scroll the list, and then repeat.

For reference, I have an Icon component with 86 variant property values for one of the properties, with each variant representing a different icon type. I want to arrange the property values in an alphabetical order. Whenever I create a new icon variant, it is added to the bottom of the list. Now, if that icon variant’s name starts with an A, I have to repeat this drag, drop, scroll operation abut 28 times.