Improve scrolling in Edit Variant Properties flyout

The experience for changing the order of property variant values for a property via drag and drop in the Edit Variant Properties flyout is poor when there are many values for a variant property because:

  1. The list does not autoscroll when I drag a property value up or down;
  2. The Flyover is very limited in height, even if I’m on a 4k display.

This means that for very long lists of properties when moving a property from the bottom of the list to a position near the top I have to drag a property up by three positions in the list, release, scroll the list, and then repeat.

For reference, I have an Icon component with 86 variant property values for one of the properties, with each variant representing a different icon type. I want to arrange the property values in an alphabetical order. Whenever I create a new icon variant, it is added to the bottom of the list. Now, if that icon variant’s name starts with an A, I have to repeat this drag, drop, scroll operation abut 28 times.


Yes, this is clearly a problem and it seems an easy solution to be had.

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Just discovered today that you can gram and item and, while continuing to press the mouse button, scroll the list with the mouse wheel. However, upon release, the UI of the open file becomes unresponsive.

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