Improve performance of copy paste action

When copying or pasting elements there is regularly a 2-3 second delay where the interface freezes, which causes extreme productivity loss over the course of a day. Sometimes when using cmd+C it doesn’t copy at all and cmd-V will paste an element that was added to the clipboard before.

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Hey @Patrick15 , thanks for your feedback about copy/paste performance, I’ll pass along to our team for consideration in future updates and improvements.

Can you also please check if it is happening for a specific file or all your files when you copy paste?
For your information, long load times likely indicate the file is approaching its active memory limit. Figma is a web application, which subjects it to the browser’s limit of 2 GB of active memory.

I’d suggest checking your File for the following elements which can cause a high demand on your available memory, especially when used in Components:

  1. Images added to your File at a much larger size that they’re used at: You can check this by setting your Image Fill settings to ‘Tile’, 100% which will show you the full image size available to you. If it’s significantly larger that it’s being used at we suggest you either flatten that image or export and re-add it as a new fill so only the size you need it at is stored.
  2. A large amount of content spread across multiple Pages: if your File has content not connected to a Prototype, and which is not a Master Component (which cannot currently be moved from the File it’s created in) we suggest you cut and paste this content to a new File so that you aren’t loading content you don’t need to when opening a File.
  3. Hidden layers: Loading and then hiding a large number of layers, especially in Components or with images stored in them, can cause a high use of available memory on loading.

For more information, you can also check out our help center article: Troubleshoot Memory Issues

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