Improve organization of drafts / Clean up mode

Came here to suggest something similar to this — really surprised not to see more folks making this suggestion.

Rather than auto-deleting the files though I’d just rather a ‘clean up’ filtering option / screen in the drafts section similar to how Google drive will from time to time suggest throwing out old screenshots etc.

Surely it isn’t just me who ends up with this:

@MattFannin Let me know if you’d like the title to be modified – I did my best to summarize, but it would be great to have it stated in your own words, as the original idea came from you :smiley:

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Thanks @ksn! Your title there is good :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll pop a few more thoughts and suggestions here in this case, and totally agree doing something with files copied from the community would be another good one.

For me personally, I see few approaches that each have different merits and downsides:

Filtering options
An ‘Exclude’ dropdown that lives alongside the ‘Filter’ and ‘Sort’ options with some items in it like ‘Empty files’, ‘No name’ and ‘From the community’. This would let people set default exclusions that hide things they don’t want cluttering up the list.

On the downside it could be a bit of a subtle presentation for people to remember that they’d configured it this way — leading to frustration when looking for something and not realising they just didn’t name it or that it came from the community. The newer recents and search tools might make this less of a problem these days though.

Another downside is it maybe promotes keeping the rubbish — not very zen.

Clean up mode
Another approach could be a ‘Tidy up’ toggle which lives next to ‘Drafts’ and ‘Deleted’ (or somewhere similar). The view could have a collection of sections like the above with tools and buttons encouraging you take action by removing some of them.

Maybe there are some heuristics that could be used to identify some other potential ‘nothing’ files here too like files that have just had a single rectangle put in them and then closed straight away etc, or a single screenshot (I use blank Figma files as a ‘paste bucket’ often for just collecting up stuff and annotating it — not sure how many others do this too but I generally don’t need those forever).

Downside here might be discoverability and user apathy towards being tidy — could improve it with a tactical callout suggestion especially in contexts where folks have a lot of untitled empties :upside_down_face:

Avoiding blanks
Another thought would be trying to do something smart that helps reduce the numbers of of these from building up in the first instance (why do we end up with so many darn blank files in the first place!? :face_with_monocle:) but admittedly it does feel like there are dragons in this area.


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