Improve layout on vertical screens

Hey guys, first off - awesome to work in Figma, it’s really great tool to use!

My problem occurs when I’m using Figma on a vertical monitor:

Basically, the space I then have to click around my screens is fairly limited. I know Figma is generally created for wider screens, but I think relatively simple improvements could be made to enhance UX for cases like this one.

I propose to:
a) hide one/both sidebars and show them either when user clicks on the elements or when the mouse is moved to the most-right or the most-left position on the screen (the way windows does it when you normally hide the taskbar)
b) move the sidebars to either top/bot positions of the screen to leave more space for the content in the middle, and re-arrange the way documents are.

I would appreciate if anyone could me know if there are some workarounds for this? Of course, the ones that don’t include “use Figma on a horizontal screen” :smiley:

Best regards,


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