Improve Component maintenance

First, a small thing I noticed after the latest update: I am currently adding and editing lots of icons, which includes adding tags to the component description. Currently I have to select the component and have to repeatedly click the properties icon to bring up the input.
:point_right: It would be of great help if the little descrption popup window would simply stay open or be draggable as the for example the styles panels.

This problem only occures now with the new organisation of component info and props, since before the input areas were always visible when components were selected.

Secondly, meaning for the future:
:point_right: It would be a HUGE improvement if we could edit metadata in an isolated window basically going through all the names, descriptions, propoerties etc. at once.

I know there are lots of plugins that can help, but when working in an org account, plugins often have to go through lengthly processes to get approved. And I think natively thereโ€™s lots of opportunity to improve component maintenance with the suggested idea.

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