Imported svgs have invisible text until clicked on

I have a bunch of SVGs imported from Adobe XD that I need to convert into Figma.
None of the text layers are visible until clicked on. Then they magically appear. Now, there are hundreds and hundreds of text layers so going around clicking everywhere blindly is not practical. I tried using the filter function in the layers panel but you can’t filter through layer type without inputting something more in the search. I resolved that by searching for “a”. At least like that, all the layers with an a appear. The problem then is that the second I click on one of the search results layer to fix it, I lose the search results and I need to start the whole process again. Extremely painful.

How do I get the text to show without having to click it??

Hey @Manuel_Barrio, I work on the editor team at Figma and we’re working on SVG improvements now (specifically we’re about to tackle some bugs with text in SVGs)! Is there any chance you can share an example SVG that this happens on (either here or DM me)? Thanks!

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