Important information about viewer-restricted role is not communicated


I’ve read the support page about the differences between roles “viewer” and “viewer-restricted”.

One information is not communicated. Viewer-restricted members cannot share their drafts.

This info cost quite some time of my team yesterday (and time for the support team).

It would be great if viewer-restricted members kept the capabilities of sharing their files - and also, the already shared files should continue to be available. But if nothing can change, please add this info in your documentation pages.


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Bumping this up, it’s a good question. Why is it that I can designate some users as a ‘viewer’ and ‘viewer restricted’ while some users I can only designate them as ‘viewer restricted’ when downgrading them from an editor account? Why can I just give them regular ‘viewer’ access? Very confusing and the documentation isn’t very clear or easy to find.


Same here, after convinced my company to switch to Figma, some people switched from viewer to editor (because they didn’t know it better in the beginning, some of them were set as admins due to their role in the company). We cancelled all their editor roles for now. But due to this, they all are viewer-restricted now.

I can’t revert their roles back to viewer-role.

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Any update, Figma-team?

This still creates friction in my company. Why viewer-restricted cannot share files? Why block admins to designate viewer roles? and why viewers can upgrade themselves without admin approval?